The End.

In August, our super fun "Vegas Summer" came to an end.
We were sad to leave all of our family but excited to get back to our cute apartment and all our Law School friends.

The goodbyes were hard...especially for those saying bye to Beau. So, we left them with a little something to remember him by.

Because, was is cuter than a chubby naked baby?

We just had to stop in Utah on our way up to Washington, of course.

First stop: Phillip & Katie Smith's home. 
Phillip is like Nick's 3rd brother. Best friends. They are the sweetest family and we can't even begin to tell you how happy we are that Phillip got into BYU and they will be living out west for the next few years! We love how much we have been able to see them lately.

Beautiful Gracie is such a good helper! Never mind that Beau is basically her size. Big boy.

Beau & Tyson taking after their Daddies and becoming best friends already.

Next stop: More friends!
We got to see the Hermans again!
We have the best time with them. Playing games, eating good food and laughing ourselves sick. So much fun.

Beau & Tate.
I was too busy having fun and forgot to take pictures of the adults. Whoops.

After that we got to see my brother, Joel and his family! 
We missed them so much while they were in MN this summer. I'm so glad that we were able to squeeze in a little visit.

Stone was so good at sharing.
His toys^ and even an outfit for Beau to wear to church...

Baby pictures only. Whoops, again.

Last but not least we spent a few days in Ogden with Nick's family and let this baby boy be doted on just a little bit more.

We gave our final hugs and kisses then set off for our 10 hour drive!

Beau was not thrilled about being in his car seat for that long but we survived. 
Nick had the brilliant idea of leaving at 6pm and driving all through the night. I was nervous but the plan was genius... Beau slept for almost the entire drive.

We had the best summer. A huge thank you to my parents for letting us live with them for those 3 months. We made some wonderful memories and they will always be cherished.


kyland ericka allyson ruby stella ❤ said...

That sounded like such an awesome summer!! & I bet so fun for your family getting to see handsome beau :)

Callie and Jaren said...

Ha! I LOVE that naked bum!! It is so fun to see how much Beau has changed! I miss summertime!!!