2 years ♥

{{June 26th marked our 2 year anniversary}}

Has it really been 2 years since I married that hunky man of my dreams??

Mostly I feel like the time has totally flown by but I also can't even remember what my life was like without him. 

--Okay, I'll end the cheesy love confessions right here--

On the night of our anniversary we celebrated by seeing Phantom of the Opera at the Venitian. It was all I could think about all day long. I was giddy, to say the least. It is my absolute favorite musical.

It was my second time seeing it & Nick's first and needless to say, we were both blown away by the beauty of the theater and the amazing voices of the actors/actresses. I had constant chills and tears the entire night and still have all the songs stuck in my head.

After the show we took a little stroll around the Venetian and revisited the spots where we we took our bridal pictures. It was so fun.

The exact same spot 2 years later. :)

>>It was a night well spent with my honey. I love him and have had the absolute best two years of my life with him. I'm so glad that it never ever has to end. <<

**My mom was cute and changed Nick's "Happy 25th Birthday" banner to "Happy 2nd" for us. :) **



Yes, my husband is a quarter of a century old.

So we CeLebRaTed!!

Nick's birthday was on a Tuesday---could there possibly be a more boring day to have a birthday?? So to make things special I threw him a surprise party on the Saturday before. It was great. So many fun friends and family were able to come and Nicholas had absolutely no idea what was going on...

He said that he was so thrown off that until he saw who was actually at the party he thought the surprise was for my brother, Joel. Haha. cute. 

We had such a fun time and I loved getting to meet Nick's work friends. And can I just say after stressing and thinking that Nick had it all figured out--I am SO glad the surprise worked! :)


>>Thanks again to my beautiful Sister in law, Valerie for helping me with all the food.<<

Michelle & Addy (we missed you Andrew!)
Chase, Destiny & Baby P


5 years out of High School and still great friends. Love these girls. :)

Some of Nick's work friends! 
Nick's birthday cheesecake..he's not a fan of birthday cake. 

Cookies & Cream Hershey's bar aka Nick's favorite candy...Our party favors.

On Nick's actual birthday ~June 19th~ we kept it pretty low key. We ordered our new favorite pizza--> Northside Nathan's, invited Dad down to the basement, watched game 3 of the NBA finals, and opened a couple gifts. Fortunately, the Heat won the game (and eventually the series) so my birthday boy was one happy 25 year old. :)

{{Happy Birthday Nicholas!}}


California Dreamin'

First things first.. I will live in Northern California someday.

We all traveled up to Sacramento a couple of weeks ago for my cousin Clark's marriage to the beautiful Miss Ellee Hull. The wedding was a dream and the couple was just beaming with love...there is never a more beautiful sight. :) We had such a fun time getting to see almost my whole extended Pinegar family! (we really really missed those who weren't able to come..) Thank goodness we have a wedding in the family almost every year now so we can all reunite!

The gorgeous Sacramento temple.

Mr. & Mrs. Peterson ♥
Peterson siblings. Love them all. 

My sister of safe keeping/pretty cousin Adriana. 

Handsome. I love when my husband lets me dress him up with roses. :)

Beautiful couple. Beautiful reception. Beautiful night.

Too much fun with the sparklers.

 While we were driving through Northern California Nick and I decided that we are going to live there someday. Not as intensely hot summers (Nick can't handle the heat.), close to the beach, still close to family, and absolutely beautiful. >>So if you live in northern california and hear of anyone hiring new attorneys 3 years from now let us know. ;)<<

I didn't take this picture but seriously, how gorgeous?!

 After the wedding weekend Nick, Dad, and Rex traveled back home while the girls went up to Monterey with a group of Pinegar cousins/aunts & uncles/ Grandma & Grandpa to spend a few days at the Peterson's beach house. I had so much fun just hanging out with so much of my Pinegar family! It doesn't happen too often so it was such a treat!

Tate & Rock. Strongest kids guys I know.

Ahh..the beach.

I love that Hayley was able to stay for the beach. Best best friends.

Lots of cousin-ly love.

Grandpa Rex telling everyone's favorite story ~Pinky the Elephant

A day at the park. *Note: 45 minutes on a row boat is way too long.*
We kept ourselves busy by singing show tunes and looking like fools. It's fine.

Too many blondes at the fisherman's warf.

All in all it was such a wonderful week and it all started by celebrating the marriage of such a wonderful couple! {{I'm so grateful that my sweet cousin, Clark, found such a great girl to love him and take care of him.}}

 Here's to December-- when we get to celebrate another Pinegar family marriage! Hooray!