I can't breathe.

Sometimes I can't even believe how much I want/need this puppy. When I see his little face I can't even breathe. I'm obsessed. So obsessed that the other night I laid in bed for 2 hours telling Nick all the possible names for our new puppy. Everyone tells me they're a lot of hard work...I know, believe me, I KNOW. I am the most anti-pet person in the world. I think animals are cute from afar or when I don't have to live with them...I promised myself I would never have a pet. But then I discovered my new best friend. Look at his face and his little paws. How could I not want to own and love and play with this little guy? Please.

>>So the good news is I found a whole litter of miniature yorkies for sale<<

They live in Arizona, they're only a few weeks old, they live close enough that my family could go pick him up for me, and you can just tell by all their adorable little faces that they need Paige Nelson Anderson to be the mommy of one of them.

The bad news is that they are so expensive that we wouldn't be able to eat for a month if we bought one (which I don't care about. Let me starve, he's totally worth it.) and we signed a contract that said no pets in this apartment. (which I think we could get out of if I brought him cookies and batted my eyes.)

*So here's the plan everybody*...I'll keep posting pictures of these puppies on Nick's facebook wall everyday and continue to beg him. Your job is... if you ever see him (even if you don't know him) remind him that he needs to get his wife {{the perfect Valentine's day present...a miniature yorkie.}}



Today I'm missing the good old days. Those days when I was little and cute and had nothing on my mind but who I was going to play with that day or if my grandma would get me that new American Girl doll for Christmas. I had no responsibilities, no worries. [[Never worried about if I looked fat in that out fit or had my mind think about pesky, unwelcome memories or had to figure out a financial budget or missed my whole family being together all the time or stressed about where my husband will get into law school]] I was just carefree. Now, don't get me wrong...I'm not saying I'm not blissfully happy right now. I think it's quite obvious just by all the posts on my blog that I have the most amazing husband and love my life, But sometimes I just feel like my age and responsibility just snuck up on me and {I'm actually still that constantly dancing and singing little girl in my brain}... not an old married adult. What brought on this longing for the past? Looking through these gems...

please take me back...just for a day.


You were good to me 2010.

2010 was a huge/special year for me. So many "firsts"and exciting things happened. Here's a quick little recap...
  • Moved up to the frozen tundra we like to call Provo, UT.
  • Welcomed a beautiful new niece into the family...Violet Jane Nelson.

  • Went through the temple for the first time.
  • Got engaged and married the [[man of my dreams]]

  • Moved into my very own apartment.
  • Turned 21... real adult now.

  • Bought my own car (with Nick, of course)
  • Welcomed an adorable new nephew into the family...Lorenzo Joel Nelson.

  • And had a big sister receive her mission call.

So as you can tell, it was a fabulous year but I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring to this { happy little Anderson family ♥}