super late Halloween post. whoops.

I was kind of sad this year when I realized that we didn't really have a reason to dress up for Halloween. Just unacceptable. So I created a reason to dress up! I got together with my friends Callie & Destiny and we decided to throw a Halloween party. We checked Pinterest then headed to the dollar store  & Walmart ( I hate I'm learning to love grad school budgets)  for party supplies. Then we invited all of our law school/ ward friends and, if I do say so myself, we put together a pretty fun party. It was a success!

**Our homemade photo booth was a hit...**
Our fun party guests!
The Hostess's

>>We are so lucky to have such a great group of fun/festive friends up here. Life would be so dull without them.<<


So here's the whole story..

**This is going to be a long post. I'll try to keep it short but for journaling purposes, I want to remember all the details.**

My family and I met Nick up in Spokane on Monday August 6th and I was so relieved to finally be there. The car ride up was really long and I felt so embarrassed because I made it even longer by asking my dad to stop every hour and a half because I had to pee so bad. I was clueless. Then we got up here and I was so anxious to hit the stores and start furniture shopping! So, Tuesday & Wednesday were nonstop shopping and setting up furniture. I started feeling so weird but was still clueless. I was feeling very energetic and then suddenly I would get so tired and HAD to sit down or I would pass out... and not to mention (sorry for the T.M.I.) but my boobs were insanely sore. I started getting the hints now. 

I told Nick how I was felling and that's when I finally admitted that all these "weird things" I was feeling were actually pregnancy symptoms. I really didn't want to get my hopes up but on Thursday morning -August 9th- Nick suggested that I take a pregnancy test. My parents were leaving that day and if I was pregnant it would be SO fun to tell them the good news in person. So I went into the bathroom and took the test. Within 3 seconds 2 very bold lines appeared on the test.

I just stared in shock. Then I ran out the door to my pacing husband and started screaming/crying/shaking all at once and held out the positive test. He couldn't believe his eyes either. I don't think either of us has ever been happier in our lives. After a year of trying and months of disappointment we FINALLY have a baby growing in my tummy!!

After lots of hugging, kissing, crying (on my part), screaming (me, again), and shaking (yup, just me) we  said a prayer of gratitude for this amazing blessing. Then, it was time to get down to business... my family was leaving in an hour and we had to think of a fun way to tell them! So, I searched my boxes for some cute paper or something. No luck. All I could find was a black sharpie, white & pink post-its and some colorful construction paper. It would have to do. I came up with a plan. I made a dinky "I'm pregnant" sign out of my lame scraps and we put the sign at the bottom of a bag full of treats for my family's long road trip home. 

I was so nervous/excited as we were walking into their hotel room and couldn't wait one second longer for them to open the little gift we had brought them. I'm so glad Nick caught the reaction on camera...

Oh I love this...It makes me cry every time I watch it.

We could barely contain our excitement. -don't mind the dinky sign-

>>So we sent them on their way with lots of hugs and tears and the best news possible. It was a great way to end our time with them and officially begin our new life in Washington.<<

Next, we had to figure out how we were going to tell the rest of our family. A little more tricky since we couldn't tell any of them in person but thank heavens for skype/facetime! We figured that they would want to see our new place so we skyped each family and took them on a little tour of our apartment--with a little surprise in the guest bedroom. :) Here is what they saw...

Living Room

Living Room

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Guest Bathroom
And last but not least...

The reactions were hilarious. It took some people a while to understand what we were trying to say and others got it right away. Either way, there were always tears, screams and lots of congratulating. It was SO fun!

The last big announcement was for Chase & Destiny. They had known all about our struggles with trying to get pregnant, so I knew it would be impossible to try to keep it a secret from them. We had to wait a whole week (torture!) until they moved back up to Spokane and we could tell them the big news. I wanted to blurt out "I'M PREGNANT" right when I saw Destiny but Nick was at school and made me promise that I wouldn't tell them until he was home. Longest day ever. We helped them unload their car, move the furniture out of their storage unit, then move the furniture up to their new apartment. It was killing me! Not to mention, I felt awkward trying to think of excuses as to why I wasn't helping to lift anything and why I was so tired. Finally we had a minute to sit down and I brought out my present "for baby P"...

Their reaction was priceless. Destiny immediately started crying and Chase just kept saying "No shot!" and there was lots of hugging. They couldn't believe it. It was SO fun.

As you can imagine, our first two weeks up here in Spokane were a total whirlwind of emotions. Moving to a new place, being away from all our family, meeting new people, starting law school, and finding out we are having a baby...our lives completely changed in just a matter of days. We love it and could not be any happier with our current situation. We are so blessed.


.little pumpkin.

Our little pumpkin is coming April 15th, 2013.

We are beyond excited and already so in love with this little lime sized babe that we can barely even handle it. 

More to come on Baby A later... but just know that the Andersons --all 3 of us :)-- are on cloud nine up here in Spokane and we are not planning on coming down any time soon.


We made it!

I never thought the day would come. 
But, after months of waiting, weeks of packing, and days of traveling, we have finally made it to our new home (for the next 3 years) Spokane, Washington! 

Somewhere in Montana

The drive was long but absolutely beautiful! We drove through Utah, Idaho, Montana, and back through Idaho to finally get to Washington. I suggest that everyone make that drive at least once (and come visit us!)...we live in a gorgeous country.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Nick's brother, Lucas, and to my parents and Rex & Nina for helping us with this big move and driving us all the way up here. We really couldn't have done it with out them. Not to mention, it was so fun getting to spend some extra time with family before we had to say a pretty hard goodbye. 

Fun car ride. :) I love my hilarious brother and sister. 

Luke was already gone by the time I got up here :( but we had such a fun time shopping for furniture with my family and showing them the school and our new city!

Nick's new home away from home... Gonzaga Law School
Rex made a new friend.. and vandalized school property. The school Mascot- Spike.

Beautiful Cathedral on campus.

Saying goodbye to the family was hard and a bit tearful but now that we are settled in and have made some new friends things are great! The best part about living here? Being neighbors with these fun people...

Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger. We are literally two doors away from each other...

Some would say that's a little too close for comfort but we disagree. Sunday dinners, white trash tv (Repo Games, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo),  joint grocery shopping trips, and car pools.. we love it. We didn't really plan it that way but we are so glad that's how it worked out.We have also made friends with our neighbors right below us- Jarren & Callie Sandberg- and we can see becoming friends with a lot of fun couples from the ward and the Law School. 

Nick started his official first day of Law School on Monday. And being the annoying wife I am, I just HAD to snap some pictures...

Look how cute. :) So far, he is really liking his classes. He has a lot of homework already but he says its really different than his undergrad because he is actually interested in what he's learning. I'm so proud of him.

{{We are loving our beautiful new home and are excited for all these new adventures ahead of us.}}

 p.s. Seriously, look how gorgeous Spokane is.... 

...everyone should come and visit. :)


California Dreamin'--pt.2

Nick and I made a quick trip to California (again) this past weekend to visit my Uncle Scott & Aunt Patty and to see the Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney concert. To say that our weekend was a blast would be a huge understatement.

We got into town Friday afternoon and headed over to Scott & Patty's GORGEOUS house in LA. I'm so sad I didn't get any pictures of their place..we loved it there!
That night they took us out to a nice restaurant called ZENGO in Santa Monica. It was a mix of Latin and Asian food.. sounds strange but it was so good! The best part about the restaurant was the location. We sat on the rooftop over looking the street and cute little shops below. Fancy. I totally thought I was going to see the Kardashians walk through the door.



 After our yummy dinner we took a stroll down on 3rd Street through the plaza and walked by all the shops. We saw some very crazy interesting people and street performers...even a skateboarding bulldog! (((I was looking for Rob & Big everywhere hoping it was Meaty riding the board.)))

We love Uncle Scott

..And beautiful Aunt Patty

Then they took us to their favorite (and according to the long lines, EVERYONE in California's favorite) frozen yogurt spot-- Pinkyberry.  It was sooo good.

>>Lauren Herman--I now understand your obsession.<<
The next morning we got up early and headed to Six Flags-Magic Mountain to meet my mom and little brother & sister for a day of roller coasters. 

What a fantastic theme park. I haven't been there since I was probably 10 and I forgot how fun and huge all the rides are. We had to leave the park around 2:30 for our concert so we are planning on going back soon for a full day of fun. Who wants to come with us?? :)

Goliath. The name of the rollercoaster speaks for itself. HUGE.

This was taken right before the ride "Tatsu". I literally thought this would be our last picture before we died on that ride. Crazy. P.S. I know we look rough--It was a very hot and humid day.
We left the park around 2:00 hoping to stop by the house to change and freshen up before the concert at 4:30 but thanks to the super convenient LA traffic that didn't happen. We had to go straight from Six Flags to the concert. Gross. So we stopped at a Carl's Jr. to eat, where I tried desperately to comb my fingers through my messy hair and fix my sweaty make up in their nasty little bathroom. Lovely. 

But we made it to the concert just in time and once we were there I didn't think twice about my ugly hair or boy-ish outfit. All I could think about was watching my two favorite country guys sing their hearts out while holding the hand of my very own (and #1 favorite) country guy. I had the time of my life.

Our seats weren't the best but I didn't mind. We had a perfect view of the jumbo screen and I could hear those beautiful voices perfectly and that's all I cared about.
Tim McGraw ♥

**My favorite part of the concert was when Tim came back for his encore and sang my absolute favorite song--Cowboy in Me.** Would you judge me if I told you I teared up a little? (I would post the video but I'm just singing & cheering way too loud...embarrassing.)

Nick left during a little break and came back with this...

Tim McGraw t-shirt! I love it. My husband is just too sweet. ♥ ♥


Kenny Chesney!

>>>Please try to ignore my singing.. this was the only video where I'm not sounding like a complete fool the entire time.<<<

Top 3 best nights of my life. I think I was the happiest girl in the whole stadium.
{{Like I said, we had the best weekend ever! Thanks again to my wonderful Aunt & Uncle for letting us stay with them and taking us out for a night on the town. Thanks to my mom and little siblings for sharing a fun day with us at Magic Mountain. Thanks to Tim & Kenny for putting on my dream concert. And BIG thanks to my amazing husband for taking me to it. :) }}