We made it!

I never thought the day would come. 
But, after months of waiting, weeks of packing, and days of traveling, we have finally made it to our new home (for the next 3 years) Spokane, Washington! 

Somewhere in Montana

The drive was long but absolutely beautiful! We drove through Utah, Idaho, Montana, and back through Idaho to finally get to Washington. I suggest that everyone make that drive at least once (and come visit us!)...we live in a gorgeous country.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Nick's brother, Lucas, and to my parents and Rex & Nina for helping us with this big move and driving us all the way up here. We really couldn't have done it with out them. Not to mention, it was so fun getting to spend some extra time with family before we had to say a pretty hard goodbye. 

Fun car ride. :) I love my hilarious brother and sister. 

Luke was already gone by the time I got up here :( but we had such a fun time shopping for furniture with my family and showing them the school and our new city!

Nick's new home away from home... Gonzaga Law School
Rex made a new friend.. and vandalized school property. The school Mascot- Spike.

Beautiful Cathedral on campus.

Saying goodbye to the family was hard and a bit tearful but now that we are settled in and have made some new friends things are great! The best part about living here? Being neighbors with these fun people...

Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger. We are literally two doors away from each other...

Some would say that's a little too close for comfort but we disagree. Sunday dinners, white trash tv (Repo Games, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo),  joint grocery shopping trips, and car pools.. we love it. We didn't really plan it that way but we are so glad that's how it worked out.We have also made friends with our neighbors right below us- Jarren & Callie Sandberg- and we can see becoming friends with a lot of fun couples from the ward and the Law School. 

Nick started his official first day of Law School on Monday. And being the annoying wife I am, I just HAD to snap some pictures...

Look how cute. :) So far, he is really liking his classes. He has a lot of homework already but he says its really different than his undergrad because he is actually interested in what he's learning. I'm so proud of him.

{{We are loving our beautiful new home and are excited for all these new adventures ahead of us.}}

 p.s. Seriously, look how gorgeous Spokane is.... 

...everyone should come and visit. :)


kye ericka allyson ruby ♥ said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!! That's so fun that you live so close to friends! What a fun time :) oh and I love that you took a picture of your hubby on his first day!!

Chase + Destiny said...

Love our neighbor status. Nothing is wrong with 5 hours of repo games right??

Zane and Lexi said...

So glad you are settling in and enjoying your new home! New adventures are so fun and I've learned that they are good for your marriage too :) It always helps when you only have each other to rely on. Good luck to Nick as he starts school. Love you guys!

Ashley Marx said...

awesome! i am so happy for you guys!