In honor of Thanksgiving...

I will list just a few things that I have been grateful for in my fun life lately.

  • #1 is my husband. duh. He calls me his princess and keeps me warm when it's snowing.

  • Dumbledore stopping by my humble home on the night of the Harry Potter premier. What an honor.

  • ::5 Guys Burgers & Fries:: Nick introduced me to this little burger heaven last week and I loved it so much that I even contributed to the comment wall.
Please don't judge my drawing...they only had a few colors and it's very hard to capture the true essence of Nick's dreamy hair with crayons/stick figures.

  • The wedding of my beautiful friend, Sierra, this weekend in the St. George temple. It was wonderful and I'm so happy for her and James.
Mr. & Mrs. Rock

  • Being an Aunt. I am so blessed to have these adorable children in my life.

I ♥ them.

  • [Surviving a terrifying, blizzardy, icey, extra long drive home from Las Vegas last night.] I don't want to talk about it too much but let's just say...there were lots of prayers and tears in our car last night.
  • Getting to spend lots of time with The Anderson's this week at Kirsten's play and Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The celebration of our {1 year anniversary, Nick's birthday, and his graduation} in this beautiful place...


With these fabulous friends...

Brent & Lauren Herman

It's still 7 months away but it's officially booked and pretty much all I can think about.

So there you have it. My very short, not even somewhat close to complete, current thankful list. I know, I know... my life is way to good to be true. I'll stop bragging now.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Just when I thought he couldn't get any sweeter, he comes home from work with these...

I him.


Don't worry Thanksgiving, I got your back.

{Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday}. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas... it's my favorite holiday too. You're allowed to have 2 favorites right?? I just get the warmest/happiest feeling when I think of this wonderful fAmiLy fiLleD HoLidAy. From the busy women cooking in the kitchen, the gorgeous fall leaves, football and the parade on the t.v., to sitting at the table talking/laughing/and be thankful for all we have. It's the best.

Now here's the problem. After October 31st all the Halloween decorations and candy are immediately replaced with red and green Christmas gear... completely neglecting my beloved holiday. Go ahead, flip through the radio stations...Christmas music! Hello world... It's barely week of November! [[ Please let Thanksgiving have a whole special month just like Valentine's Day,St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, my birthday, Halloween, and every other holiday.]]

Soooo Happy November everybody...let's put all the red and green on hold for a few weeks and not forget which holiday this month is really for.



I have the cutest nieces and nephews in. the. world. I know everyone says that, but I really am telling the truth. Don't believe me?? Take a look...




I know. They are all to die for. Needless to say, [[Nick and I are under a lot of pressure to have children half as cute as these kids.]]

Well the big news is that we've been blesssed with another darling Nephew! Derek and Lindsey had their third son yesterday (Nov. 4th) and we couldn't be more excited about it. He is currently name-less and we haven't met him yet but we can't wait to hold that precious baby and {give him all the aunt Paigie & uncle Nick love he deserves.}

..::We love you sweet baby Nelson::..


'Tis the season

When winter/fall rolls around I only have a few things on my mind...Thanksgiving, Christmas, and {muddy buddies} aka my favorite snack ever. It's guaranteed I'll have a constant supply this year because whenever I look up at the snow covered mountains I comment to Nick, "The mountains look like muddy buddies, and now I'm craving them." So if these beautiful, snowy, Utah mountians create the same craving for you...come on over to my place and share this tasty treat with me. :)