In August we got settled back in to our Spokane life.
It felt good to be back.

First things first- Nick got his grill.
The man has wanted a nice grill since I met him. He finally got enough birthday money over the summer to buy one, so within our first couple days back in Spokane he went and got himself one. 

Look at that proud smile. We ate almost every meal off that grill for the first couple months we had it. I didn't complain.

We sure missed our friends, over the summer, so we just had to plan a pizza night reunion at Jaren & Callie's asap. It was so much fun to see everyone again! We especially loved getting all the babies together. 

Paige.Kensington.Beau. (missing Aisley)
Beau is such a ladies man up here. He has all girlfriends. We love it.

Spokane has a super fun event once a year called Pig Out in the Park. Basically like a fair, minus all the rides. It's a huge party in the park with TONS of different food booths and live music...and best of all pumpkin doughnuts and scones! 

We didn't get to go last year because I was just at the beginning of my pregnancy and the last thing in the whole world that I wanted to do was hang out in a confined area smelling hundreds of different foods all at once. Blah. Nick was heartbroken last year so this year we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Stroller brigade! Mommy friends.

Don't let that sweet baby's face fool you^. As soon as we walked into the park Beau started screaming. I figured he was just hungry so I found a somewhat secluded corner and fed him. That worked for about umm 3 minutes. Beau threw the biggest tantrum I've ever seen and there was nothing I could do to calm him down. The loud music and insane crowds were just too much for my baby so we had to leave before the fun even started.

I didn't even get my pumpkin doughnut. :( Better luck next year.

 Next adventure: Greenbluffs!

This went a lot better than pig out in the park. Beau was so happy the whole time. He loved being strapped to dad's chest and being able to see all the pretty trees.

Peach pickin' with the Sandbergs!

 Greenbluffs is so gorgeous. One of the perks of living in a non desert state like, Washington.

In August, we also celebrated Beau's 4 month birthday!

We even got him a little present... a jumper toy!

We knew 4 months was a little early for these kinds of toys but our strong, active little boy always wants to be standing so we had a feeling he would love it...

We were right! :)

>>4 months is a super fun age. <<
So many new things!!

Beau learned to sit!

A little wobbly at first and only a few seconds at a time but he eventually got the hang of it.

He also got really good at grabbing things and enjoyed playing with his toys.

Trying to be like daddy with his Jordan outfit on and a weight in his hand.
That dumbbell rattle is just so fitting for my little stud.

Bath time finally became a fun activity rather than a scary obligation.

Don't bug me mom... I'm reading.

Those hooded towels. I can't breathe.

And Beau tried his first solid foods!

 It took him a little bit to get used to but he loved it! Rice cereal- yum!!

The end of the month was baby time.
Destiny and I threw a shower for our sweet friend Julia.

Ezra came in to this world already being so loved and with a bunch of baby friends! We're so glad he's here.

And I can't go without mentioning the birth of Beau's best cousin-friend James Frederick Anderson!

He was born Aug. 30th to Nick's wonderful brother, Chris & sweet sister in law, Meg.
We love "Jimbo" so much and we are SO looking forward to the day that we can finally hold him and give him all our love.

Beau meeting Jimbo for the first time. He just had to give him a nice, big, slobbery kiss.

August also meant time for Nick to start school again. This semester isn't nearly as tough as last year because Nick has a much lighter load and I have this super handsome man to keep me company all day...

My boyfriend.

We keep ourselves busy by singing songs, reading books and making each other laugh all day long. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than spending each and every day taking care of this little cherub. And that's the truth.

What did I do to get the honor of being this boy's mom?

 I've never been more proud of anything or happier in my life.
He is my everything.
I truly am the luckiest.


Our Vegas Summer

This summer, Nick got an amazing internship at the Federal courthouse working with Judge George.

 Besides being a wonderful opportunity and great resume builder, we were super excited about it because Las Vegas became our home for the summer!

It was the best. We loved being "home" for all of the Nelson family action and being so close to Utah for the Anderson family action!

Beau got to meet so many friends and family and we had TONS of cousin/aunt/uncle/grandparent/great grandparent time. We loved it.

 We were sad when it came time to leave but we are grateful to my parents for letting us live with them for those 3 months! We will always cherish those memories.

Read more for those summer months in detail.

In May...

We got used to life in Las Vegas.

We took lots of walks- before it got too unbearably hot.

And went to a few of Miles & Nixon's soccer games!

We absolutely loved all the visits from friends and family. It was so fun to see Beau with his cousins!

Stone & Beau. Cousin bffs,
Nixon-Miles-Lorenzo I can't wait to see him run around with these silly boys. 
We even got to meet one of my sister's converts from her mission!
Sweet Otis.

 Beau took his first road trip! We traveled up to Zion's for a Memorial day getaway with my family and some family friends. Beau was great and Zion's was AMAZING!

Del Taco pit stop.
Such a gorgeous place!

All fancy for church.

Family. ♥
Around 6 weeks we started to get Beau to smile on purpose. We just couldn't get enough of it!

Baby tries on his first tie....

He looked SO handsome, even if it couldn't buckle around his double chin. ;)

Beau also got to meet his Great Grandma Marian. 

Unplanned matching. I love it! 
I called her my pink Grandma when I was little, because she always had pink nails and lipstick. Beau can call her his purple Grandma! :)

June was a big month

And I mean BIG.

 Beau turned 2 months! 

Which meant he really started to "fill out"


...and baby's first shots. :(
 I was so nervous and emotional so I made my mom come with me to his appointment. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Those shots hardly even phased my tough guy. One little whimper and a dirty look for the nurse. That was it! No crying at all! 

14 lbs 24 in 

 At 2 months old Beau started to show more and more personality. This little stud also gained major head control and loved his tummy time.

Check out those gapped gums! 
Best of all- at 8 weeks Beau started sleeping through the night!!
I felt like a new woman. Ahhh.
>>Thank you Baby Wise!!<<

Baby went to his first baseball game!

Joe & Julia Meservy invited us to a 51's game and it was so much fun! I was worried how Beau would do but he absolutely loved looking around at all the lights and people. Looks like we have another sports fanatic in this family!

Next we celebrated Nick's birthday. The lucky guy got 2 celebrations.
One combine party with my sister in law, Lindsey...

And another on his actual birthday..

We sure do love our Nicky.

Next came Nick's first Father's Day!
Beau and I surprised him with a little homemade gift.

He loved it. :)

Father's Day was so special this year. I got to spend it with my amazing Dad and I got to celebrate it for the first time with my husband! It was perfect.

The celebrations involving Nicholas don't stop there.
A week later, Nick and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary!

Dinner at Carrabba's and a movie.

Beau soon realized that being Paige Anderson's son = playing dress up 

and matching mom, whenever possible.

I don't think he minds too much. ;)

That desert heat quickly kicked in. We felt like we ere melting. Poor Beau had it the worst in his sweaty carseat.
Fortunately, I found a neat little fan to clip to his seat! Super helpful, but Beau just wasn't too sure about his new friend constantly blowing cool air into his face.

Bath time started becoming a liiiiittle less traumatic. Which made for some fun pictures, a more frequently bathed baby and a less stressed mama. :)

Beau met another great grandparent!

Great Grandpa Erv. aka Grandpa Buck

And my sweet soy just kept getting more and more beautiful every day.

mmm! a zillion kisses for that precious face.