In May...

We got used to life in Las Vegas.

We took lots of walks- before it got too unbearably hot.

And went to a few of Miles & Nixon's soccer games!

We absolutely loved all the visits from friends and family. It was so fun to see Beau with his cousins!

Stone & Beau. Cousin bffs,
Nixon-Miles-Lorenzo I can't wait to see him run around with these silly boys. 
We even got to meet one of my sister's converts from her mission!
Sweet Otis.

 Beau took his first road trip! We traveled up to Zion's for a Memorial day getaway with my family and some family friends. Beau was great and Zion's was AMAZING!

Del Taco pit stop.
Such a gorgeous place!

All fancy for church.

Family. ♥
Around 6 weeks we started to get Beau to smile on purpose. We just couldn't get enough of it!

Baby tries on his first tie....

He looked SO handsome, even if it couldn't buckle around his double chin. ;)

Beau also got to meet his Great Grandma Marian. 

Unplanned matching. I love it! 
I called her my pink Grandma when I was little, because she always had pink nails and lipstick. Beau can call her his purple Grandma! :)

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