Party in Utah

For 4th of July weekend we headed up to Utah to celebrate with our Anderson family.

We learned from our last road trip with Beau to split up the trip as much as possible. So, we stopped in St. George and stayed with our good friends, Jaren & Callie. Jaren's parents were sweet enough to open their home to us for the night, and we finally got to meet sweet baby Aisley! It was so fun.

We made it up to Provo just in time for all the 4th of July festivities.We absolutely loved seeing almost all of Nick's family and getting to introduce Beau to so many new family members and friends! We had the best time. 

Beau just loves talking to his Papa Jim.

Hi Maddie!

Too bad the poor boy isn't loved.

Howdy partner! 


Beau even got to see his pretty Aunt Hayley too!

The Andersons. :) Just missing Chris, Meg, and little James Frederick.

 The best part about being at Nick's grandparent's home for the 4th is that the BYU stadium is literally in their backyard. So we just laid some blankets on the grass on got a free show of the Stadium of Fire fireworks! 

We really enjoyed our quality time with the Andersons. I know they miss living in North Carolina but I'm sure glad that they decided to move to Utah....it would just be too hard if we couldn't see them as much a we do!

Beau & Great Grandma Vilda. We just love her so much.

Video games with Uncle Luke. At first it was pretty neat, but then he shot a guy and things got scary. 

Aunt Gretchen! We are so glad she finally came out to Utah!

Aunt Kirsten made it home from Austria just in time for our visit! We missed her and are so glad that she made it home safe. :)

Bobo loves his Grangie. 

Utah is the best, because when visit we get to see both sides of the family!
 And even good friends!

It had been 2 years since we had seen our dear friends, Brent & Lauren Herman. We hadn't even met each other's babies! Our visit was short and sweet but I can't even begin to describe our joy when we saw them. What would we do without Brent, Lauren and Tate in our lives?

We spent our last day in Utah up at my Grandparent's home in Salt Lake. We didn't know it but our little get together turned into a huge extended family party. We LOVED it!

Beau with his Great Aunt Shelley and some pretty 2nd cousins.

Showing off his dimples. :)

Taking a little rest from all the excitement on Grandma & Grandpa's bed. So peaceful.

Great Grandpa Rex

Grandma and Grandpa Pinegar

We feel so blessed that Beau has been able to meet all but one set of his Great Grandparents. They are all so dear to us and we hope that Beau will be able to share some memories of them.

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Callie and Jaren said...

His cowboy picture is priceless!!! You have such a fun family!