• I went jogging today for the first time in about 4 months and my weak/out of shape body wouldn't have been able to make it without Celine Dion's musical motivation blasting in my ears.

  • I could eat whipped cream and peanut butter plain. Not together...separately, but nothing else with it. Delicious.
  • My red fleece robe and wedding shoes are two of my most prized possessions. I wear my robe and admire my glitter shoes everyday.
  • I hate the song "I can feel it in the air tonight" by Phil Colins. Just hearing the 3 seconds of that song puts me in a bad mood.
  • I have never understood the phrase "talk is cheap". Nick tried to explain it to me but I already forgot what it means.
  • I get way too emotional about everything. Especially when I think about my little brother Rex growing up. I want him to be a little boy forever. He turned 12/got the priesthood/passed the sacrament/started Junior High last month and I just about cried my eyes out. [I'm going to be a wreck with my own kids.]

  • I cannot go a day with out chocolate...It drives my husband in sane.
  • The first time I actually cooked a meal on my own was a couple weeks after I was married. ::I need a lot more practice::
  • The {chocolate molten cake at Chili's} is heaven on earth. I did a little happy dance the last time I had it.
  • I would be perfectly happy if I never go camping again for the rest of my life. [[I don't see the fun in being dirty, having no restroom, sleeping on an uncomfortable cot/ground, dealing with bugs, and being freezing cold at night.]] 5 years of girl's camp was enough for me.
  • I still get butterflies on a daily basis because of the things my husband ♥ says to me. I'm too in love.
  • Having 2 of >my beautiful sisters< up here in Utah with me is the greatest blessing. Talking/laughing/ hanging out with them is my favorite. I don't know what I'm going to do when Brooke leaves.
  • I married Nick for his dimples...but it's okay because he says he married me for my eyes.
  • I'm the happiest girl in the whole world.


dear summer,

...please don't go. We love you and miss you when you're gone. We've had too much fun with you and hate to see you leave. We're not ready for school and a busy schedule. So please stay. {Let us keep your sunny warmth, fun vacations, tan lines, and lazy days forever.}

♥ love,
Your #1 fans: nick and paige