All in one month's time.

One month ago I made the best decision of my life and {married the greatest man in the world}.

Ignore me in that picture and take a look at my husband. Look at that gorgeous, smooth, handsome, not frightening face. >beautiful<.

Now take a look at what I woke up to on the morning of our one month anniversary...

Chops aka Sabertooth...



The Honeymoon... A series of unfortunate events.

Where do I even begin? We had quite a few problems trying to get on our honeymoon. It's a very long, detailed, frustrating, hilarious story. So if you have the time call me and I'll tell you the whole thing...maybe. Here's the very condensed version...
  • Woke up Sunday morning and rushed to the airport at 4am to make our 6:00 flight. Ran to security to hear that we can't go through because the name on my passport is [Paige Nelson but on the ticket it says Paige Anderson.]
  • Run back to the ticket counter where the lady tells us she has no idea what to do. We miss our flight. I start crying. She starts crying. She finally reissues my ticket to Paige Nelson and books us for a flight to Miami, where we will stay over night and have a flight to Aruba in the morning.
  • Come back to Vegas airport that evening. Flight to Miami is delayed for 2 hours.
  • Land in Miami around midnight. They don't know where our luggage is....they say it will take 3-5 hours to find it. We decide to go without it.
  • Get to hotel room...two single beds and reeks of smoke.
  • Wake up Monday morning, get to airport plenty early and ready to get to Aruba. Find out our flight is cancelled and rescheduled for Tuesday morning.
  • They won't give us our bags. Our 2nd night/3rd day in a row without clean clothes or any toiletries. I start crying.
  • Stay over night in a nice hotel and have fun eating pizza, playing UNO, and watching tv.
  • Land in Aruba Tuesday afternoon. Overly excited to be there.
  • Nick's bag is the 2nd one off the plane. The wheels are broken on his 50lb bag. Mine....never comes. Was sent to Antigua. We're told we would receive it at our hotel around 11pm.
  • Get to our beautiful hotel. Excited to see our room. Open the door and see :sandals and beach toys: all over the place. Front desk boy (with a huge flakey rash on his forehead) sent us to an >occupied room<
  • I start laughing so hard I can't walk. Nick is livid, hurls the broken 50lb bag over his shoulder, marches down the hall to yell at rash head. (Don't worry...he kept his cool when we got to the front desk.)
  • Finally get to our real room. I put on swimsuit I bought at Walmart. It was mis-sized. Bottoms were 2 sizes to big. No beach. We go to bed.
  • Wake up. No bag. Was sent to wrong hotel. Finally get it around noon.
  • We hurry down to the GORGEOUS beach. Finally start relaxing.

  • Nick looks at me and sees red bumps all over my arms. I stand up and see them all over my legs too. Hives.
  • Leave beach to find Benadryl. Takes 2 days to find. I take it and am knocked out for the whole afternoon. Nick goes to pool by himself, I join him later half awake and drugged.
  • Next day at the beach....Nick gets the same hives. I still have them too.
  • We both take the Benadryl and pass out for the afternoon.
  • Fly home to Vegas Saturday. Sad to leave breath-taking Aruba, but good to be home.

Yes ladies and gentleman...that was the condensed version. Don't let all these mishaps fool you...we really did have a great time. And we eventually got to the point where we could laugh about it. Thanks again to my amazing parents for giving us this vacation...the location and hotel
were beautiful. At least we left that trip more in ♥love than we got there and now we have a honeymoon story that blows all other "bad honeymoon" stories out of the water.

p.s. When we finally got to Aruba we also realized we forgot a camera...so sorry about the bad quality/lack of pictures. We had to buy a disposable one.


n + p = eternity

Our big day finally came...{{we're married!}} The wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. My Grandpa Rex performed the sealing and it was beautiful. I just loved walking into that room and seeing so many of my loved ones in there smiling at me and supporting me. I am so lucky that I got to have so many friends and family there to share this special day with me. Nick and I agree that the sealing was definitely the highlight of the day but the rest of the day was fun too. We took some pictures at the temple and then headed to Queensridge for the ring ceremony and reception. My breath was taken away when I walked into that gorgeous room. [My mom] and her friends did an amazing job decorating. The cake, flowers, bridesmaid & niece's dresses, and reception were all exactly what I wanted and pictured. I could go on and on about the best day of my life but I'll end it by saying I am so grateful to be sealed to Nicholas Ross Anderson. He's everything I've ever wanted in a husband and I love him so much.