the waiting game.

After months of seeing this --> every night, Nick has finally finished all of his Law School applications! It has already been such a long process with studying for the LSAT, taking the LSAT, waiting for the scores, guessing what schools we have a shot of getting in to, narrowing down the options, getting letters of recommendations/transcripts/application fee waivers, filling out applications-- I guess I can't complain too much since Nick has had to do all the work but it has been stressful and so time consuming! And now we just wait. and wait. and wait. It's driving me crazy. I just want to know where we will be for the next three years of our lives so I can start planning! Wouldn't you be anxious with this exciting range of options?...

University of Tulsa (Oklahoma)
Samford University (Alabama)
Florida Coastal School of Law (Jacksonville, FL)
Wake Forest (North Carolina)
Charlotte School of Law (North Carolina)
Elon University (North Carolina)
University of South Carolina
South Texas School of Law (Dallas, TX)
Phoenix School of Law (Arizona)
University of Syracuse (New York)
Gonzaga University (Washington)

So, pleeeease Law School admissions departments, put my nerves to rest and just give us the news! >>We are sick of this waiting game.<<



Where do I even begin?? I know...Hawaii=paradise. We had such a fun week with my family. And you won't believe it but --no major problems on this vacation!-- Okay fine, you caught me. But we really only had one problem-- we kinda got mixed up on what day we were flying out to Hawaii (red-eye flights can be really confusing). So Nick & I kiiiinda missed our flight. But after ridiculous fees and two very generous parents we were able to get on the same flight as my family and it all worked out. :)

Remember how Rex & Nina had no idea that we were even going to Hawaii? They thought that they were just tagging along for the ride to the airport "to drop Nick and I off for our flight to Utah and to pick Hayley up from her flight to Vegas." Here's the video of us surprising them...

The real video is longer and so funny but you get the point-they were shocked and SUPER excited. It was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Once we got to Hawaii everything was a dream. {{The hotel, the beach, the pool, the sun, the sand, the water...I just want to go back.}}

Here are just a few pictures showing all of our favorite memories. (I'll put more on my facebook. It takes too long to put them all on here.)

Laying out:

Visiting Dad's favorite mission companion:

Breathtaking Hawaiian sunsets:

Playing football:

Delicious Snowcones:

Matching tattoos:

Playing in the sand:

Visiting Pearl Harbor:

Polynesian Cultural Center:

Lots & Lots of family time:

>>I cannot thank my parents enough for inviting us on this amazing trip.<< Thank you x infinity! Best Christmas present ever. :)



A few months ago Nicholas discovered that being Lisa Nelson's son-in-law = not being able to say no when she casts you as a {{Roman soldier in the Live Nativity.}} He was reluctant at first and did not like that he would have to wear make up but he really loved it by the end. :) Not to mention--he was such a stud in that costume.

What a beautiful & special event (click here to see the video). It is always a highlight of my Christmas season and I'm so glad Nick got to be apart of it this year. He is officially a Nelson :) (since we have all been roped into it at least once.)



I know. I'm really late and I've been a terrible blogger lately. Please forgive me. I promise to be better. (It's one of my New Year's Resolutions.)

2011 was a wonderful year. Lots of traveling and SO much fun! Here are the highlights...


I fell in love with this little guy. Still overwhelmed by his extreme adorable-ness.


Spent Valentine's Day with our super fun friends-The Hermans.

Visited the BEAUTIFUL Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU museum with my family.


Mustache March--barf.
We got to meet my best friend, Michelle's sweet baby Addison.

Nick out did himself when we celebrated my half-birthday.

Brooke became Sister Nelson and left us for a year and a half to serve in Kentucky. >>bitter/sweet day<<


Our fun Easter weekend was spent in *sunny* Las Vegas with my family.


So glad to finally see the sun in gloomy Provo. We enjoyed as many of our last Utah nights as we could spending time with friends and Nick's family in Lehi.


Nick's 24th birthday!

Amazing {{Cancun vacation with Brent & Lauren}}


Left our --sweet/beloved-- Provo apartment and moved to Las Vegas.

Saw Brad Paisley @ Stadium of Fire

Vacation with all the Andersons in North and South Carolina. Such a great trip!


Good friends--Jake & Anne's wedding. Couldn't be happier for them. :)

Nick graduated from BYU! Hooray!


Labor Day get away with my whole family in Cedar City.

My 22nd birthday!


Mom trained-worked hard and ran in RAGNAR. Very impressive and I'm so proud of her!

Halloween as Hercules (what a hunk) and a Greek Goddess.


Breaking Dawn premiere with Valerie, Summer, Mom, and Nick (he strategically volunteered to take the picture instead of be in it). I don't care what all you haters say, I LOVED it.

Thanksgiving. Absolutely perfect. So much fun being home with the whole family--my greatest blessings.

UNLV (my team) beat No.1 North Carolina (Nick's team) over Thanksgiving weekend. [I can't even begin to explain my excitement.] Ahhh such a wonderful night.


Hawaii with the Nelsons. What a dream vacation. (Post devoted to Hawaii coming soon)

Nick gave me an early Christmas present. iPhone 4s! It has basically changed my life.

Christmas Eve & Christmas day with the Andersons in Utah. Such a great weekend relaxing, playing games, and having so much fun hanging out with Nick's family.

Made it home to spend time with Aunt Suzanne and her sweet girls. (Please look at how handsome my husband is even with Mickey ears. I'm the luckiest.)

So there you have it...our wonderful, busy, travel-filled, ultra fun 2011. Not sure if 2012 will be able to top that but we do have some pretty exciting adventures coming up (Law School--possibly moving across the country) so we'll just have to see! :)