the waiting game.

After months of seeing this --> every night, Nick has finally finished all of his Law School applications! It has already been such a long process with studying for the LSAT, taking the LSAT, waiting for the scores, guessing what schools we have a shot of getting in to, narrowing down the options, getting letters of recommendations/transcripts/application fee waivers, filling out applications-- I guess I can't complain too much since Nick has had to do all the work but it has been stressful and so time consuming! And now we just wait. and wait. and wait. It's driving me crazy. I just want to know where we will be for the next three years of our lives so I can start planning! Wouldn't you be anxious with this exciting range of options?...

University of Tulsa (Oklahoma)
Samford University (Alabama)
Florida Coastal School of Law (Jacksonville, FL)
Wake Forest (North Carolina)
Charlotte School of Law (North Carolina)
Elon University (North Carolina)
University of South Carolina
South Texas School of Law (Dallas, TX)
Phoenix School of Law (Arizona)
University of Syracuse (New York)
Gonzaga University (Washington)

So, pleeeease Law School admissions departments, put my nerves to rest and just give us the news! >>We are sick of this waiting game.<<

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PS. I know how you're feeling. Its pure hell. Hopefully you will hear from schools soon. miss you.