Wanna hear something cool?

One of my very best friends is Anne Dastrup. We grew up in the same ward, played all the time, went to every one of each other's cute birthday parties, traveled together and have way too many stupid/hilarious inside jokes.

yeah, we were both fatties...we embraced it.

One of Nick's good friends from back home is Jake Isenhour. They're both from the same stake in North Carolina, hung out with the same friends and both moved out to Provo for school.
Sorry, this is the only picture I have of them

Well guess what...Jake and Anne are getting married in 2 days! Hooray! Clearly, I'm just way too excited about this.

Jake met Anne's brother, Danny, in North Carolina and to make a long story short he told Jake that he should date Anne. After lots of facebook chatting/flirting they met in Vegas when they both came down for our wedding ♥ and have been together ever since. Aww.

{{Who would have thought that two crazy girls growing up in the Las Vegas Lakes Ward would end up marrying 2 studs from the North Carolina Winston-Salem stake?}} Isn't it just crazy?! >>They're even moving into our old apartment that we just moved out of in Provo.<<

We have so much fun hanging out with Jake & Anne and we're so so happy for them. You better believe that we'll be planning many NC trips together in the future.

Congrats Jake & Anne...can't wait for Saturday! :)