{{6 months}}

Beau's 6 month photo shoot! It just doesn't get more beautiful than this...

My wonderful, amazing, sweetest friend, Callie Sandberg, took these priceless pictures of my Beau. She also took his newborn pictures and she is the best!
I can't thank her enough for capturing the personality and beauty of my angel baby. She will never know how much these photos mean to me.  

^^From 2 weeks old to 6 months old. My beautiful baby.

Ready for picture overload?? You have no idea how hard it was to just not post all of the pictures...

I just couldn't decide between black & white or color.

Has your heart exploded from cuteness overload? Because mine definitely has.
I am so in love with this child, I can barely even function anymore. 
Oh, Beau. 


.pure joy.

the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

aka Beau on a swing.

Seriously? Have you ever seen a happier face? Ugh. My heart hurts, I love him so much.

He didn't always feel this way, though. 
The first few times we tried the swings he was super unsure. He would just stare at me, saying "Mom, this is so boring" through his eyes.

Then, one day he decided it was the best part of his life. 

Making daily trips down to the swings is an absolute must. Beau knows when it is swing time... he literally squeals when I unlock the front door and get ready to walk outside.
Some times we get lucky and see our friends down at the park.

Baby Paige & Aisley

Beau loves sharing the swing with his ladies. 

Mama :)

 One time Dad even joined us! So fun.

 Well, now it's 16 degrees outside and those sunshiney, fun, swinging days are over.
Here's to finding fun, indoor, baby approved, activities and counting down the days until Spring. 



 October started out the best way possible... General Conference! 

It was Beau's first time and I'm pretty sure he loved it. Maybe it was all the snuggling and playing with Dad, but either way he was such a good boy.

I decided to get super domestic and made cinnamon rolls for the first time. And they actually turned out pretty well! (The icing is a different story...) 

Next, Beau and I got to go on a little trip! First Vegas, then a road trip to Utah for Lane's wedding.
Beau did pretty well on the flight... he got a little bored and restless by the end but who can blame him?

 Grandma couldn't wait to get her hands on Bobo. And she immediately started spoiling him with his first applesauce. I don't even need to say it.. yes, he loved it.

Grandma's boy

Dahlia was a lot more interesting this time than she was over the summer. 

Excited to be sitting in the big kid seat, like all his big cousins!

Beau just wanted a little treat for our road trip.

Utah is the best. I love that when we go we get to see tons of family and friends! There is never a dull moment and sometimes it gets a little stressful with how many people we want to visit, but it's great.

First stop: Lane's wedding
I've already talked about this gorgeous event.

Beau & his many admirers. #celebrity

Nick's family watched Beau while I went to Lane's reception. I got to enjoy a baby free night and Beau got to spend quality time with his Anderson family. It was a win-win.

Beau & his Grangie

On Sunday we attended church with my Pinegar grandparents. The visit was short but super sweet. I'm so glad we got to see them!!

Grandpa Rex & Grandma Bonnie

{{so handsome in his Sunday best}}

Grandpa Erv & his little hooded buddy.
Thanks for helping him get in his carseat..

Don't worry about the shoulders, it's nice and snug around the hips. haha!

We also had enough time to see my brother Joel's family! Thank goodness! We miss them way too much.

Beau & Stone.. Best cousin buds.

 By the end of our 5 day vacation we were sad to leave family but we were anxious to get back to poor Daddy up in WA all alone.

Nick told us we are never aloud to leave again. Separation anxiety.

While we were in Utah Bobo turned 6 months old!!

21.13 lbs 28 in

My baby! Half a year old!
I gotta say though, 6 months has been the funnest age so far. He is getting so interactive! We just laugh at him all day long. He is the best, most beautiful baby ever.

Turning 6 months old called for double shots.

Shots, as in - Vaccinations :(

pre traumatizing shots.
 And shots, as in- a photo shoot!

(6 mo photo shoot post coming soon)
 Callie is amazing I absolutely love the pictures she took. 

One of my favorite things is Beau's fascination with my face. He does this ^ every time I feed him, or even when I'm just holding him and he wants a better look at me. It is so so sweet. 

Baby boy LOVES meal time. He's quickly gotten over his distaste for anything with flavor in it. 

Time for a sippy cup! Doctor's orders. It took him a couple weeks to figure out that it's not a chew toy, but he eventually got the hang of it. I can just tell that he thinks that he's super neat when I hand him his new cup. Haha. I love it.

I set Beau down in his room to change the laundry real quick and when I walked back in I saw this ^. It took my breath away and made me tear up. When did my little baby get so big and independent? 

Poor Beau had a rough 3 weeks in October. So super sick.
First, a super bad cold that lasted for a week, then a couple weeks later he got the stomach flu! Worst night ever. He wasn't even better for a full week before he got another cold that lasted for 7 days!

 It was my first time dealing with a sick baby. So stressful. Everything is so different when you're a mom. I was desperate for my little angel to feel better. All I wanted was to take every sickness from him so he didn't have to feel it anymore. Absolutely broke my heart. I'm way too sensitive for this mom business.

At the end of October Nick & I had a special little date night! Shout out to Chase & Destiny for keeping an eye on Beau.

We went to a concert by one of our favorite bands- The Avett Brothers. Nick introduced me to them when we started dating and I fell in love. We listen to them almost every time we are in the car together and we have been dying to go see them. 

They were amazing. Such a talented band. 

It felt great to get out and have some time just to focus on each other. We haven't had that for a while and it was rejuvenating! We felt like we were dating again. We gotta do that more often.

We spent the rest of October outside enjoying our last few days of sunshine and nice weather before yucky winter comes.

Family pictures:

I'll let you guess how well that went. 
We did get a few good shots but our shoot ended sooner than I would have liked thanks to Beau's little tantrum. Picture hater..just like his dad.

And lots of playing at the park:

This kid LOVES being outside. Too bad we will be stuck indoors until May. :(