June 19th

Nick's 24th Birthday!

The lucky boy got 2 birthday parties. One with his family a week early...which included grilled steak, a yummy homemade birthday cheesecake, fun family time and presents.

The DELICIOUS cheesecake, made by Nick's mom. mmmm.

Nick's sweet Grandparents got him a book he's been wanting and a Jimmer shirt. We love them.

And one with my family... which included nieces & nephews, swimming, Brent & Lauren, BBQ, and more presents.

4 of my most favorite people

The cake my mom had made for Nick. He was embarrassed about it but I LOVE that picture.

Nick's presents...a gift card, 'The Last Airbender', and a Nook. He's a happy boy.

{Happy Birthday Nicholas!}


"She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey"

Sometimes at work I have to come up with ways to occupy myself so I don't go crazy and pull my hair out. So, I took up painting and now I'm professional. My inspiration comes from whatever I'm day-dreaming about that day...mostly {sunny days, Cancun, and my hubby}. Here are a few of my masterpieces...

So there you have it. Just a little peek at what I do at work. Everyday. >>Clearly, I got skills aaand I can't get my mind off of Cancun.<< Remember this post? When I announced that we're going on a trip with our good friends Brent & Lauren? Well, it's been a very long 7 months but it's finally here! We're leaving today for a weekend in Vegas and then getting on a plane for Mexico on Monday!! Yay! Get ready for a super fun update in a couple weeks!

All grown up

Nick on his last day at BYU. He was really embarrased about this picture, but I just had to. He looked really handsome and I'm just so proud of him for working so hard. His graduation is in August and we can't wait. Hooray for Nick!