valentines day ♥

Our first valentine's day as a married couple...it was a blast. :)

This is how our date night went...

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse with our good friends Brent & Lauren Herman. (their rolls. I'm in heaven with every bite)

Making chocolate covered strawberries. (while the boys played their games)

Putting niNjA TuRtLe masks on. (what's more romantic than that? nothing.)

Popping open some {Martinelli's, lighting some candles, making cheesy toasts, and eating our yummy treat.}

and finishing the night off with lots of x's & o's. :)

...I'm so glad he's my forever valentine. ♥


Superbowl XLV

Who am I cheering for?...

Why?? For some reason I just really like their quaterback...