sister nelson

I've been dreading/anticipating this post for a while now. There's so much I want to say about my beautiful sister but to save myself from tears, I think I'll just keep that all for my journal and make this short and sweet...

After years of trying and fighting medical issues, Brooke left for her mission last Wednesday (March 23) and it's such a bitter-sweet feeling. [We had 2 goodbyes.] A very tearful one (mostly on my part) at 5:30 in the morning when I was leaving for work (I thought that was going to be my final goodbye but when my manager saw me walk in with mascara streaming down my face a big puffy eyes she told me to go home and be with my sis :) and a really happy and exciting goodbye dropping her off at the MTC with Nick and Hayley. It was really fun. I'm so so so proud of her and I'm so excited for her to have this new amazing experience for the next 18 months but I know I'm going to miss her too much...I already miss her!

{Good luck Sister Nelson...we ♥ you}


top notch.

It's clear that I married the most perfect man on this planet. duh. Way out of my league. duh.

too gorgeous...i have butterflies.

I know I brag about him all the time and I'm about to brag again, so brace yourself. I'll try not to get too mushy. Here are just a couple examples that have happened within the past month to prove that my man is the dreamy-est...

ex 1)
"Babe, you've been working so hard. Getting up so early every morning and going to work all day...thank you. I think you deserve to go buy a new pair of shoes."

I promise I'm not making this up, ladies. This sentence really came out of my husband's mouth and it left me speechless.
So we went out the next weekend and bought these beauties...

(this picture just doesn't do them justice.)

ex 2)
March 8th. My half birthday. I celebrate it. so what? Just another excuse to get attention, gifts, chocolate, treats, etc. I never expect anything big for my half birthday...just a night out for Panda Express, or a new chapstick, or even a medium bag of PB m&m's (as opposed to the little bag that I scarf down in 5.3 seconds), or even just recognition that I'm 21 and a half...but Nick doesn't just leave me with those measly little gifts. Look what I came home to...

Flowers, the sweetest card, and a yummy new perfume. **Please notice what he did with the bag**... he covered up the "csun" for PACSUN and wrote on it so it would say "I ♥ U PA" (Paige Anderson). How adroable. I'm keeping it forever. Then he told me that he wanted to get me a new skirt but he didn't know my size (thank you for not just guessing) and that he could only handle being at a girl's store for so long...so I can go pick one out myself. He also said that since he had to go to work that night I could go out to eat with Hayley and Lauren to Chili's and get my Cajun pasta and molten cake! what. a. treat.

He spoils me too much..but I just love it. :)

i ♥ you nicky boy