drum roll please..

Four very long months ago I wrote >>this post<<..remember? Well, after a never ending flow of stress and anxiety, countless "let's get down to business" conversations, and even tons some tears (on my part) we have FINALLY come to a law school decision! In August, we will be moving to Spokane, Washington and Nick will be an official law school student at Gonzaga University!

We got to take a quick trip up to Spokane in March to visit the campus, explore the town and see if we would like living there. Honestly, it was too cold for me and knowing that it snows like Provo in the winter is not very comforting either. But, Nick LOVED the school and **BONUS** my good friend from high school and her husband--Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger--live in Spokane and Chase will be starting his 2nd year at Gonzaga, so it works out perfect.

We got to sit in on a court competition while we were there..very cool.

The campus was beautiful!

My cute friend Destiny and another beautiful Gonzaga building.
A gloomy, overcast day. I can't wait to see how green it gets--we hear it's just beautiful.

We had such a fun time hanging out with Chase & Destiny! Can't wait for many many more fun weekends like this one.

We are so excited and kinda nervous for our big move up to Washington. It's going to be a three year adventure and we are ready for it! So get ready creepy bulldog with an underbite..the Andersons are comin' for ya..