.pure joy.

the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

aka Beau on a swing.

Seriously? Have you ever seen a happier face? Ugh. My heart hurts, I love him so much.

He didn't always feel this way, though. 
The first few times we tried the swings he was super unsure. He would just stare at me, saying "Mom, this is so boring" through his eyes.

Then, one day he decided it was the best part of his life. 

Making daily trips down to the swings is an absolute must. Beau knows when it is swing time... he literally squeals when I unlock the front door and get ready to walk outside.
Some times we get lucky and see our friends down at the park.

Baby Paige & Aisley

Beau loves sharing the swing with his ladies. 

Mama :)

 One time Dad even joined us! So fun.

 Well, now it's 16 degrees outside and those sunshiney, fun, swinging days are over.
Here's to finding fun, indoor, baby approved, activities and counting down the days until Spring. 

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