Anne of Green Gables

I drive a lot for work (runner for my Dad's law firm) and sometimes the music gets old so that's when I become an old fogey and turn on an audio book. I love it. It makes my drives go by so quickly. The latest book I just finished was {Anne of Green Gables}. What a wonderful book. I would find myself just driving along with the biggest smile on my face and giggling to myself. Always put me in a great mood.

If you haven't read it...>>read it.<<

confession-->Sometimes I day dream that I live in the early 1900's on Prince Edward Island and I am best friends with Anne & Diana. So if you hear me call someone a kindred spirit or bosom friend, you know why.

My new goal = have the same dreamy outlook on life as Anne does. She's always so imaginative and curious and positive. She's by far one of my most favorite charaters in any book. I know what you're thinking - "nerd alert". I know, I really do sound like a total nerd right now but I just had to get this all out there.

Thank you Lucy Maude Montgomery for bringing us this happy book. :)

p.s. I'm watching the movies asap.


Jamison & Amy said...

Not nerdy at ALL! I LOVE Anne of Green Gables. I have all three movies too. ps...I've totally wished I could be there with Anne and Diana too...it's such a gorgeous place!

simple.beautiful.lady. said...

We must be kindred spirits...

Amanda Leigh said...

DEF not nerdy!!!! I loooove Anne of Green Gables and I feel like when you can call people your kindred spirits that just means they'll be great friends. I loved this post!