Where do I even begin?? I know...Hawaii=paradise. We had such a fun week with my family. And you won't believe it but --no major problems on this vacation!-- Okay fine, you caught me. But we really only had one problem-- we kinda got mixed up on what day we were flying out to Hawaii (red-eye flights can be really confusing). So Nick & I kiiiinda missed our flight. But after ridiculous fees and two very generous parents we were able to get on the same flight as my family and it all worked out. :)

Remember how Rex & Nina had no idea that we were even going to Hawaii? They thought that they were just tagging along for the ride to the airport "to drop Nick and I off for our flight to Utah and to pick Hayley up from her flight to Vegas." Here's the video of us surprising them...

The real video is longer and so funny but you get the point-they were shocked and SUPER excited. It was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Once we got to Hawaii everything was a dream. {{The hotel, the beach, the pool, the sun, the sand, the water...I just want to go back.}}

Here are just a few pictures showing all of our favorite memories. (I'll put more on my facebook. It takes too long to put them all on here.)

Laying out:

Visiting Dad's favorite mission companion:

Breathtaking Hawaiian sunsets:

Playing football:

Delicious Snowcones:

Matching tattoos:

Playing in the sand:

Visiting Pearl Harbor:

Polynesian Cultural Center:

Lots & Lots of family time:

>>I cannot thank my parents enough for inviting us on this amazing trip.<< Thank you x infinity! Best Christmas present ever. :)


Lauren Herman said...

I loved the pictures!! Looks SO heavenly- now I'm dying to go! And you look great Paige, you skinny cute girl. Next trip= Tahiti with the Hermans!! Whoooo!!!!!

Lauren Herman said...

And then..... ITALY!! WHOO-HOO!!!!