• I went jogging today for the first time in about 4 months and my weak/out of shape body wouldn't have been able to make it without Celine Dion's musical motivation blasting in my ears.

  • I could eat whipped cream and peanut butter plain. Not together...separately, but nothing else with it. Delicious.
  • My red fleece robe and wedding shoes are two of my most prized possessions. I wear my robe and admire my glitter shoes everyday.
  • I hate the song "I can feel it in the air tonight" by Phil Colins. Just hearing the 3 seconds of that song puts me in a bad mood.
  • I have never understood the phrase "talk is cheap". Nick tried to explain it to me but I already forgot what it means.
  • I get way too emotional about everything. Especially when I think about my little brother Rex growing up. I want him to be a little boy forever. He turned 12/got the priesthood/passed the sacrament/started Junior High last month and I just about cried my eyes out. [I'm going to be a wreck with my own kids.]

  • I cannot go a day with out chocolate...It drives my husband in sane.
  • The first time I actually cooked a meal on my own was a couple weeks after I was married. ::I need a lot more practice::
  • The {chocolate molten cake at Chili's} is heaven on earth. I did a little happy dance the last time I had it.
  • I would be perfectly happy if I never go camping again for the rest of my life. [[I don't see the fun in being dirty, having no restroom, sleeping on an uncomfortable cot/ground, dealing with bugs, and being freezing cold at night.]] 5 years of girl's camp was enough for me.
  • I still get butterflies on a daily basis because of the things my husband ♥ says to me. I'm too in love.
  • Having 2 of >my beautiful sisters< up here in Utah with me is the greatest blessing. Talking/laughing/ hanging out with them is my favorite. I don't know what I'm going to do when Brooke leaves.
  • I married Nick for his dimples...but it's okay because he says he married me for my eyes.
  • I'm the happiest girl in the whole world.


Annie said...

Paige. You are so cute. I love your blog! We need to be blog buddies! ha ha I am going to be better at updating mine for sure! You have inspired me! : )

Jenae Plymale said...

I'm totally with you on the Chili's chocolate molten cake!! Gah, that stuff is heaven!