Yes, my husband is a quarter of a century old.

So we CeLebRaTed!!

Nick's birthday was on a Tuesday---could there possibly be a more boring day to have a birthday?? So to make things special I threw him a surprise party on the Saturday before. It was great. So many fun friends and family were able to come and Nicholas had absolutely no idea what was going on...

He said that he was so thrown off that until he saw who was actually at the party he thought the surprise was for my brother, Joel. Haha. cute. 

We had such a fun time and I loved getting to meet Nick's work friends. And can I just say after stressing and thinking that Nick had it all figured out--I am SO glad the surprise worked! :)


>>Thanks again to my beautiful Sister in law, Valerie for helping me with all the food.<<

Michelle & Addy (we missed you Andrew!)
Chase, Destiny & Baby P


5 years out of High School and still great friends. Love these girls. :)

Some of Nick's work friends! 
Nick's birthday cheesecake..he's not a fan of birthday cake. 

Cookies & Cream Hershey's bar aka Nick's favorite candy...Our party favors.

On Nick's actual birthday ~June 19th~ we kept it pretty low key. We ordered our new favorite pizza--> Northside Nathan's, invited Dad down to the basement, watched game 3 of the NBA finals, and opened a couple gifts. Fortunately, the Heat won the game (and eventually the series) so my birthday boy was one happy 25 year old. :)

{{Happy Birthday Nicholas!}}


Anonymous said...

"What's up everyone?" lol! Looks like such a fun party!! You are a good wifey Paige!

Mitch and Tayler Myers said...

You are the cutest wife ever paige!!