ladies man

As I mentioned before, Beau is just surrounded by girlfriends. 
He's not mad about it.

Paige Pittsenbarger:

The cougar.

1st date: Going for a car ride.
Paige trying to get fresh.

She's 5 months older than him so she can do really cool things like crawl, walk, and eat big people food.
He's fascinated by her and just stares at her whenever she's around.
She's also really nice and always shares her toys with him.

Kensington Davies:

The outgoing one.

1st date: Dinner.
She's exactly a week older than him and the happiest little girl you'll ever meet.
I mean, she came on a little strong at first but Beau eventually learned to go with the flow.
She's already learned to crawl and she is all over the place, so Beau thinks she is really fun to watch too.

Aisley Sandberg:

The shy one.

1st date: Swingin'.

She's 2 1/2 months younger than Beau. 
Most the time she plays hard to get and doesn't even give Beau any attention. But lately, she's found her voice...oh boy, has she found that voice.
Beau loves hearing all the things that she has to say. He just stares at her while she's talking.

We sure love all of Beau's girlfriends. Our lives are so much happier and more fun because of them.
But out of all those lovely ladies this boy still chooses his mama to be his #1.

Let's keep it that way for the nest 30 years, please. Yes, 30.

And let me tell you... he is the best BEAUfriend.

He helps me carry my purchases while shopping.

He lounges on the couch and watches Ellen with me, daily.

He helps me with my chores.

Wears whatever I tell him to wear.

Gives me kisses in public.

And let's me snuggle and kiss him until my heart feels like it's going to burst.

Lucky me. :)

Buut,just like any other boy, Beau needs his guy time too.

He lifts weights and watches sports with the guys.

Boys will be boys. 


BearandErica said...

And Vivian. The long distance one.

Ashley Kirkland said...

this is amazing! haha i love it! little boyfriends are the best !