My birthday month!

On Sept. 8th, I turned 24!
That was on a Sunday, which sounds lame, but it was actually the best. Since we couldn't really go out on my actual birthday we had to make up for it and celebrate all weekend long!

We started out with a little pre-birthday shopping. Tried to catch all the labor day sales. Beau got some new clothes and so did Nick, but the birthday girl didn't get anything. Story of my life lately.

It's fine though.. I just loved getting to spend the day with my boys.

Next, we drove out to Couer de Lene for dinner at Texas Roadhouse with tons of our friends! We had so much fun.

>>On the way home from my birthday dinner, we even saw the brightest, most beautiful, complete double rainbow!<<

It's a sign- 24 is going to be my best year yet!

Then, my actual birthday came.
We went to Stake Conference then came home to relax and snuggle.

I got to squeeze my boys as much as I wanted and they couldn't even complain because I was the birthday girl.


Later that night our friends stopped by for pazookies and presents!

My wonderful gifts! I seriously have the sweetest, most thoughtful friends.
 Not to mention, my precious husband. He was adorable and got on Etsy to find me a personalized bracelet with my initial next to the initials of my two favorite boys. He thought of it all by himself. I'm just so in love with my Nick.

{{My birthday was perfect.}}

Next, came Beau's 5 month birthday!
 19.9 lbs & 27.5 in

At 5 months Beau discovered his feet! I have been waiting for this cute stage. I just love when he grabs those little toesies and examines them. He even tries to put them in his mouth.

Another thing Beau discovered is his tongue!

For like 2 weeks, every time I looked at him he was sticking his tongue out at me. I loved it. Always made me laugh.

Baby boy became a super solid sitter!

He always feels so neat when he's sitting.
It's so fun to be able to just sit him down on the ground and let him play with his toys. 

I gotta say.. this sitting up business is making my baby look a little too big and independent for my liking. Stop growing!

Is anyone surprised that this bubba lub loves his food?
He gets so excited when I put him in his high chair because he knows his food is coming. He just kicks and smiles and squeels while he watches me make his oatmeal. I can't get the food in his mouth fast enough.

The different flavors of fruits and veggies were a little too much for him to handle at this point. Lots of funny shuttering and gagging. So we just stuck with oatmeal for the first little bit. He just couldn't get enough.

Another new thing that Beau LOVES is being upside down.
I discovered it one day when I just couldn't find anything to calm him down. While he was trying to throw himself out of my arms I just let him hang upside down for a second and he went silent. When I brought him back up he was smiling so big.
So it's his new thing.

All the time. 
Haha such a silly boy.

We spent our September days just like we spend almost all our other days...with friends.

Our favorite pizza place- Bennidito's

Towards the end of the month the degrees started dropping and things got chilly and rainy.

The threat of winter is a lot more bearable this year.
I mean, how could it not be when my baby looks this adorable in a hoodie??

Bring on the winter clothes!

Goodbye September, Hello FALL!!

P.S. I can just tell... you haven't had enough Beau pictures yet, huh?
 Ok, fine. Here he is in his Sunday best...

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist posting these.
You understand.
I mean, seriously...

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Keep the beau pictures coming!! He is such a cutie! And what a fun birthday you had!!