>>I think it's the simplest way to describe the week/weekend I just had.<<

All the fun started on Wednesday **4th of July** If you know anything about me, you know that I love all things patriotic. So it is no surprise to anyone that the 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays.  We celebrated by going to a parade, swimming all day in the rain, and ending the night with a barbeque & fireworks. Sounds like a good American time right? It was. :)

Patriotic Hey Reb.
Don't ask me why, but I loved this little music box thing.

The fun continued on Friday when I completed my last day of work at DJP! To be honest it was kind of a bitter-sweet day. I got a very nice card, the sweetest e-mails from co-workers, and even a couple of thoughful "goodbye gifts"I was VERY ready to be done with my job but I have met some great people there and have absolutely LOVED working with my dad. I'm going to miss coming to my desk and finding little gems like these...
A cookie that he saved just for me. :)
A picture Dad drew of me, while he was bored in a meeting...flattering.

Then on Friday night Hayley & her boyfriend came into town for a quick visit. Justin (Hayley's bf) is basically a pro mountain man. He brought all of his mountain man gear and Saturday morning we headed up to Red Rock to do some repelling. It was really really a little bit scary and my two little sisters may have shed a couple of tears but we all repelled down the cliff and everyone had such a great time! Who knew hiking and doing mountain-y things could be so much fun?! Not me. Thanks again Justin!

It's hard to tell but Hayley & Nina are up there too!

I know what you're thinking..how could this weekend possibly get anymore fun?? Well, to top things off, on Saturday night Nick & I went cosmic bowling with our great friends-- Chase & Destiny and Andrew, Michelle & Addy--

We LOVE our date nights with these cute couples.

This wonderful weekend ended with a big family dinner and lots of laughs with my beyond adorable nieces & nephews. I love all my friends and family and I am really really going to miss all of them once we move to Spokane(in THREE weeks!). But until then, let's keep this fun coming! :)


Lisa Pinegar Nelson said...

I love this! Thanks for keeping a journal of my weekend too. Do you feel bad we didn't take a pic of Justin? oops -- we'll miss you so much when you're gone. how will we still have F.U.N. without you?

Lauren Herman said...

That portrait... I am dying laughing!! lol. And I want to go repelling!! You got cute pictures! Yay for fun fun FUNN!!