Fievel Goes East

A few weeks ago Nick's wonderful parents came into town to visit us aaand to take Nick's car --Fievel-- up to his new home in Utah. We decided that we'll only need one car up in Spokane and by the time we are done with law school it will be time for a new car anyway... sooo since Nick's cute sister, Kirsten, has been needing a car my sweet husband decided to give his to her. Talk about an awesome big brother right?? So Fievel has gone East but we know he's in good hands.

Nick is going to miss his good old Pathfinder.

Yes, I know my eyes are closed.. but it's a lot better than the other picture when I look completely bald.

 Jim & Angie's visit was way too short but we were so glad that they came and had so much fun hanging out with them. I just love the time that we get to spend with Nick's parents...I couldn't imagine anyone having better in-laws than I do. 

A night out at Cheesecake Factory

We love you and miss you Jim & Angie! Can't wait to see you again very soon. :)


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Ashley Marx said...

how sweet to give his sister the car!!! you guys are so kind :)