The Easter bunny brought me a sister.

We had a pretty big Easter weekend this year. On the Saturday before Easter Sister Nelson came home! Surprise! No, it hasn't already been a year and a half (I wish). She had to come home for an emergency surgery and will be going back to Kentucky in a few more weeks, after she has fully recovered, to finish the last 6 months of her mission.

We were all at the park for a family BBQ and a game of kickball when Brooke came walking down the path. It was so exciting!

All the nieces & nephews dropped everything and ran up to her. They missed their aunt Brookie. 

Sisters aka best friends. Too happy to be reunited again.

After staying up all night talking, laughing, and showing pictures Sunday morning came...
Easter day could not have been more perfect. 

>>A wonderful 3 hours at church to bring the spirit and help us remember our Savior--the true meaning of Easter.<<

>>An easter egg hunt for the babies.(we call the nieces & nephews babies..it's fine.)<<

Stone-- dressed to impress.
{{The cutest children on this planet}}

>>And a yummy dinner that brought the whole family together again.<<

{{One big happy Nelson family all together again.}} I couldn't be more grateful for my wonderful family...my greatest blessing.

 So, even though Brooke had to come back on kind of scary circumstances we have been having so much fun with her and I'm really glad she's home (even if it is just for a little bit)...I have missed my sis. The surgery went great and she's slowly but surely recovering. It's such a treat to have her here with us for a few weeks since by the time she actually gets home from her mission Nick & I will be off to law school and Joel & his family will be in Utah for business school. Such a fun little Easter gift. :)

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