friend-filled weekend

This past weekend was a good one. Nick and I didn't get to spend it together but we did get to spend it with some great friends.

He spent the weekend at a cabin in Utah with a group of his boy man friends from Provo. He misses getting to spend time with them and always comes home with great stories after these weekends away.

Sorry about the partial nudity in this picture--these boys are crazy. Literally.

I started off my weekend by spending time with my childhood best friend Lane. We like to say that we are "best friends since birth"--because, well, we are. I always have the best time with her...talking about memories, boys, and exciting plans for the future. I hate that she lives a whole state away.

My parents were staying at the Trump Tower for my dad's law firm retreat and they invited us to come stay...so of course we did. The room was amazing. Check out these views...

The bathroom was my favorite part--a t.v. in the mirror, huge shower, and a view of the city from the bathtub!

Saturday was such an exciting day! After over a year of waiting, Brooke's best friend and our good family friend, {{Carly Whetten married Andrew Buckley!}} The ceremony was beautiful, the luncheon was amazing, the bride was flawless, and the couple was glowing~perfect.

And **BONUS** Sister Nelson was even able to make it for the special day...

Okay, not really. But this fabulous cut out helped to make her feel like she was really there. Needless to say, it made me miss my sis way too much.  


 But even at the end of this super fun weekend I just couldn't wait to spend time with my very bestest friend of all...

this stud. mmm.

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