Do you notice anything different about us?

You don't? Oh, I thought you'd be able to tell. Well, since the New Year Nick and I have had some notable changes in our lives. ((No, one of the changes is NOT pregnancy. Hold your horses people.))

1. We are officially, official Nevada residents. After living here for 5 months and driving around with expired plates for 4 months we decided it was time to stop breaking the law and register our cars. Which meant NV plates & licenses. It feels good to be a true Nevadan once more.

Bet you can't tell which one belongs to who...;)

2. We have finished LOST. It was a very thought/time consuming obsession. All we ever wanted to do was watch it or talk about it --come home for an hour lunch break? watch an episode of Lost. come home from a long day at work? grab some dinner and eat while watching Lost. no big/important plans for the weekend? spend all day watching Lost. can't sleep at night? watch Lost. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but I wasn't kidding when I said "obsession". It's been a month since we've finished the series and when we find ourselves with nothing to do we look at each other and say we wish we were watching Lost. Basically, we are kind of crazy and we feel like the characters are our friends-- we feel lost without LOST.

3. We got a new primary class! We were called to the the CTR 5 class right when we moved to Vegas and we've always loved it but our new class is extra special this year because we get to teach our nephew Nixon! And he is so proud that we are his teachers :)..every week he loves to tell the class that we are his aunt & uncle and he gets to see us after church  (it takes everything I have not to favor him and hold him and kiss him all through class). We have so much fun teaching and the cute kids crack.us.up every week. Here is the latest example: Trace's prayer- "..I pray that I will get 130 green cards and school. I pray that we won't all hate church. I pray that in the last day we can defeat Satan..." haha. One of these days I'll tell you all the hilarious quotes I've written down from these adorable kids.

Dallas-Bro Anderson-Nixon-Trace-Lydia-Lucy
4. We have been introduced to our new favorite game--DrawSomething. If you haven't gotten the app yet, get it...and play me! We love to just sit on our phones and send each other drawings back and forth. >>The game seriously makes me laugh so hard.<< Take a look at the drawing Nick sent me...I'll give you $20 a hug if you can guess what it is...

Give up? UFO. haha! So entertaining.

5. I got bangs.I am never brave with my hair and have had it the same--long & blonde--since I was probably 10 so adding bangs was kind of a big deal. Thanks to Angeleah Bertoldo they are perfect and exactly how I wanted them. 

I feel awkward adding cropped pictures of myself--that's why it's small. :)

6. I got to meet our future President of the United States *hopefully* Mitt Romney! He looked me in the eyes, shook my hand, and thanked me for all my help with the campaign. No prob, Mitt.

Those are some big changes people, big changes.

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Mitch and Tayler Myers said...

K you guys are the freakin cutest ever. i'm just a little jealous of your NEVADA license plates, and we just started lost! you guys should watch 24! so addicting, we just finished it!