We spent the last two weeks of July traveling from North Carolina to South Carolina and down to Georgia. We went with all of the Andersons and it was SO much fun.

We started out in North Carolina and went to the beach to visit Nick's brother- Lucas, sister- Gretchen, and our beautiful niece - Maddie. We had too much fun spending time with the whole family, Phillip-Katie & Gracie, and playing in the warm Atlantic Ocean water...

All the Andersons finally together. :)

Then we went to Nick's hometown...Salisbury, NC. I LOVED it there. I finally got to meet Nick's best friend, Phillip. We had so much fun with him, his wife-Katie, and their gorgeous daughter-Gracie. Can't wait for them to come visit. ;) I also got to see Nick's house that he grew up in and all his high school "hang outs". It was my favorite part of the whole vacation. Salisbury is just so charming and beautiful...
{I definitely would not mind living there someday.}

Eating at Cristo's with the Smiths. P.S. I'm addicted to wings.

Hanging out at the Gupton's. They have SO much land and it's all absolutely gorgeous.

After North Carolina we headed down to South Carolina to spend time with Nick's brother and sister in law- Chris and Meg. We had a blast with them...playing cards, watching movies, going out to eat, and just hanging out. >>It was so hard to say goodbye.<<

Lots of Poker playing...Nicholas was the champ.

Our favorite restaurant -La Hacienda...we went there twice in one week.

Chris & Meg...we love them and miss them too much.

Then we finished off our trip by visiting our good friends Brent & Lauren Herman, who are living in Georgia. We always have so much fun with them and always end up laughing way too hard when we're all together. We miss them and hate that they live across the country now. :(

We didn't get any pictures with them while we were in GA but here's one of all of us in Cancun to remind you of our super fun friends.

We had so much fun traveling with our family and getting to spend time with so many loved ones...it was the perfect way to end our summer of vacationing and come back to real life.

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