Wish come true.

Remember that wonderful song by Kenny Chesney??---> "All I Want For Christmas is a Real Good Tan"

Well this Christmas that wish will be coming true for me and my family. We will be getting that real.good.tan. in HAWAII! My parents so graciously invited us to tag along on their Christmas Hawaiian vacation.{{it's no secret that they are the best}} We'll even be making it back in time to spend Christmas day with Nick's family. It's going to be a really great Christmas :) It will be Nick's first time in Hawaii and we just can't wait!!

Now, if you happen to know my little brother and sister...Rex & Nina...do not mention the trip. My parents haven't told them yet. ..::They are planning on packing their bags for them and telling them that they're driving to Utah but instead pulling up to the airport and surprising them.::.. Oh, I'm just dying to see their reactions.

52 days and counting...


Christy Orrock said...

I love your life!! That's sooooo exciting!! y'all will have a blast!!!

Brent said...

Oh my gosh- how cute that they're surprising Rex and Nina!! You guys are going to have so much fun! Eeee!!
(This is Lauren BTW, not Brent- my computer charger burst into flames, so I have to use Brent's computer.)