Sometimes...only sometimes, I over exaggerate. I say I will die if I don't get a certain pair of shoes or some chocolate or something that I really want...and I admit that I can kind of get a little ridiculous. But this time I. MEAN. IT. I will literally kill over and die if I don't get tickets to the {Tim McGraw & Lady Antebllum} concert in July


...There's nothing better.

So will someone please inform Nicholas that it is extremely important to get these tickets?? I have a feeling [he won't listen to me]. He thinks I get dRaMAtiC. Oh puh-lease.


Chase and Destiny Pittsenbarger said...

lets go together!! Are they playing in vegas????? I love me some tim Mcgraw!!!

MichellePClark said...


girls night!

Nick & Paige said...

It's in Salt Lake July 30th. please please please please go girls! If Nick sees that both of you are going there's no way he could deny me. It would be the best night ever.